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  • Do you accept insurance?
    Jacobs Psychiatry is not contracted with any insurance networks. You will be billed directly for services. If you would like to submit an insurance reimbursement claim with your insurance provider, a statement can be provided that contains the necessary documentation to file with your insurance. The reimbursement claim should be paid to you directly.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Credit/Debit card, check, and cash are accepted. Patients must have a credit card on file from which services are charged at the beginning of the visit unless cash payment has been provided.
  • How much are your services?
    Intake Evaluation - 60 minute visit - $300.00 Medication Management - 20 minute visit - $150.00 Medication Management with brief therapy - 45 minute visit - $300.00 Brief Therapy Session Only - 20 minute visit - $150.00 Extended Therapy Session - 45 minute visit - $300.00 Full payment will be charged for missed sessions unless cancellation completed 48 hours prior to session.
  • Is telepsychiatry an option?
    Telepsychiatry services are available after completion of an intake evaluation. If you are interested, please notify Dr. Jacobs of your interest.
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